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Carla de Lira – Preliminary Exam

About the event

Advisor: Dr. Christopher Hundhausen

Degree: Ph.D. Computer Science

Abstract: Computer science has the highest dropout rate among undergraduate STEM degree programs. This is especially concerning, given that computer science-related jobs are projected to grow 12% in the next six years. One contributing factor is that media representations of computer science can lead underrepresented groups to perceive themselves as unfit for the discipline, and ultimately to drop out. To address this concern, I propose to leverage emotional learning process (ELP) data collected through affective computing technologies and self-reports to design interventions to promote empathy among computer science students. A quasi-experimental research design will be used to evaluate the interventions’ effectiveness in fostering a supportive community between instructors and students. By leveraging ELP data as a form of constant feedback to both instructors and students, this research gains new insights into how to improve learning environments for computer science students.