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Cougar Career Academy: The pursuit of fearlessness

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About the event

Brea Starmer is passionate about helping people thrive through courageous action.

In 2015, at seven months pregnant, Brea was laid off from a Seattle startup. Despite an extensive background in marketing and business strategy, she was deemed not “hireable” by many employers and was without a job or health benefits with her first child on the way. Under duress, she forged a path forward, and embraced a practice of courage and fearlessness that unlocked a future of work model through consulting that unlocked a lifestyle, freedom and level of impact she never knew in previous in-house jobs.

She knew she had to share this pursuit of fearlessness and way of working with as many people as she could.  And with that, she set out to build the company of her dreams where impact is measured in the number of people she employs and the work they do, not the hours they clock.  Today her company, Lions+Tigers, is a 50-person, multi-million dollar marketing and strategy consulting agency.


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