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Digital Foundations Workshop: Digital Mindfulness

Holland Library, Pullman, WA
At the Center for Digital Scholarship and Curation located on the 4th Floor of the Holland Library

About the event

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the number of emails and texts you receive each day? Confused by the number of websites and electronic resources assigned by your various classes? Or frustrated by the pressure you feel to keep up with friends and family on social media? Digital mindfulness helps us focus our attention at any given moment, and draws our awareness to how we feel when engaging in digital practices. This workshop will introduce you to the basic concepts of mindfulness as they apply to the use of technology. It will also have you develop an individual plan to understand and therefore manage your personal digital tendencies. Mindfulness does not make the pressure of our technology-rich lives disappear, but it offers a path to sanity through better understanding of how we behave when confronted with digital communication options.

Led by Dr. Josh Misner, Associate Professor of Communication, Communication and Fine Arts Division, North Idaho College

Registration is not required for this workshop. Please bring a laptop, table, or smartphone with you. For more information, visit our website, or contact Tor de Vries, Instructor, DTC.


Center for Digital Scholarship and Curation
(509) 335-8126