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(Dis)Ability in the Workplace – Ten years ago to now, where do we go from here? With Dustin Reischman, MBA


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There has been a lot of discussion of equality and inclusion in the workplace over the past few years and some may be asking, “how diverse is the workforce?” or “is my potential employer open to my disability?” to name a few concerns those with disabilities may have. Over the past 10 years, being disabled and finding adequate employment has been a struggle at times due to being placed into a preconceived category or concern of workplace accommodation as disability is a delicate territory for the employer and employee alike. How a disabled and non-disabled person handles themselves is critical in attempting to overcome these obstacles and having the right guidance in your field is paramount in finding careers that allow all to contribute fully, without bias or perceived ability. There is still a long way to go in closing the income gap (disability pays up to 66% less than non-disabled), easing workplace stigmas and showing that being disabled encourages better returns on investment than a non-inclusive environment. Being able to understand private business culture and governmental business culture will allow for the disabled candidate to thrive and contribute for years to come.