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“Equality on Trial,” Humanities Washington

Compton Union Building
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About the event

Should all human beings be treated the same, or is it possible to be treated equally but unfairly? How much should a person’s identity—such as their race, gender, or ethnicity—be considered in how they are treated alongside others?

Through the story of two prospective students, one White and one Black, seeding to attend medical school in 1978, Professor Timothy Golden explores the legal and historical implications of equality and race relations in America. The story of these individuals navigating the college admissions process would eventually end up in front of the Supreme Court, and the outcome of the case provides a fascinating look at how America grapples with a fundamental question: Are fairness and equality the same thing?

Timothy Golden has earned a PhD in philosophy and has more than twenty years of experience as a lawyer. His areas of scholarly research include African American philosophy and critical race theory. Golden is currently editing a book titled Racism and Resistance: Essays on Derrick Bell’s Racial Realism. He has also published philosophical essays and teaches African American philosophy and critical race theory at Walla Walla University.

This event is made possible with generous sponsorship from the following organizations: WSU Graduate & Professional Association; Humanities Washington; WSU History Graduate Student Association; WSU English Graduate Organization.