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ESIC Seminar ~ “On top of the sine wave: Tips for professional success and how to stand out from the crowd”

Engineering Teaching Research Laboratory, Pullman, WA
ETRL 101
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About the event

“On Top of the Sine Wave:  Tips for Professional Success and How to Stand Out from the Crowd” to be presented by Dr. Mary Rezac, Dean, VCEA and Mr. Brent Carper, President, 3AC Engineering


Most of the graduate students and even other professionals extremely busy with classes and research often overlook one of the most important things about building a successful professional life.  Professional success is a subjective term at best but typically the reason you spend your time, money, and energy in your selected field. A well-thought out strategy is needed for a path to a successful career and realizing your potential.  Getting the right job is very important for a successful career.  Job searches and interviews can be stressful and landing a great engineering job may not be as easy as you think.  Although the job market for power engineers is strong, the best prizes go to the students who understand the game and make all the right moves.  Advice you may have received from other sources may not be relevant for our industry and our times.  Mistakes and missed opportunities can be fatal in this job market.  For this seminar, Dr. Rezac and Mr. Carper will discuss best practices for a successful professional career and share inside knowledge from first-hand experience in resume screening, interviewing, and hiring power engineers.



Dr. Mary Rezac has served as the dean of Washington State University’s Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture since 2017.  The Voiland College serves more than 7000 students on five campuses around the state with an annual budget of more than $80M.  Rezac obtained degrees in chemical engineering from Kansas State University and the University of Texas.  She has held research and academic appointments with the Phillips Petroleum Company, Georgia Tech, Kansas State University, and Washington State University.  Dean Rezac has received multiple teaching and research awards and has mentored more than 100 student researchers–including numerous undergraduates.  She has provided service to professional organizations including AIChE, ACS, ASEE, the National Academies, and the North American Membrane Society.  She is an expert in the transport of small molecules through polymeric materials and has collaborated with industrial partners for the development of synthetic membrane and barrier products. 

Mr. Brent Carper has worked in the electric power industry for 23 years. His work experience has been in all sectors of the industry, including equipment manufacturers, electric utilities, and engineering firms. In 2017 he co-founded 3AC Engineering which provides protection and control engineering and consulting services to electric utilities for substations and power plants. Brent has extensive experience in renewable energy, especially wind farms, and is a licensed professional engineer in eight states.