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ESIC SEMINAR SERIES – Power System Protectin Challenges in Modern Power Systems

Engineering Teaching Research Laboratory, Pullman, WA
Dr. Bartosz Brusilowicz Wroclaw University of Science and Technology ETRL Room 101   (Also Available via AMS #776080)
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About the event

Nowadays power systems are changing very fast. In the past few years, many new elements appeared in power systems. New unconventional power generations, new electric devices, that increase energy transfer capabilities, and new types of loads have been developed. These innovations cause changes of power system configuration, directions of power flow and have a strong impact on voltages and current waveforms that can be measured by protection relays. For these reason, protection philosophies, schemes, and criteria used for protecting power system components should be verified and validated. At the same time, IT science, and digital and communication systems are also evolving quickly. It creates opportunities for development of new algorithms and new protection criteria definition.

The seminar will present some fundamentals of power system protection and challenges that appeared in modern power systems. Part of the seminar is based on the author’s researches from recent years.