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ESIC SEMINAR SERIES – Towards a Generalized Micro-Grid Simulator: Optimal Planning and Optimal Control

Engineering Teaching Research Laboratory, Pullman, WA
ETRL Room 101 (Also available via AMS #776080)
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About the event

Technology advances, environmental policy, and energy market de-regulation have spurred deployment of distributed generators, small renewable installations, and large energy storage systems.

Efficient planning of new installations has the potential to upset the traditional paradigms of centralized power generation distributed through medium and low voltage networks, while simultaneously reducing emissions and improving resilience using networks of distributed generators (i.e., microgrids).

This presentation outlines the scope of the planning and control problems for combined cooling heating and power microgrids and introduces a new simulation platform: Efficient Allocation of Grid Energy Resources including Storage (EAGERS). Using a novel mixed-integer optimization the platform solves a receding horizon unit commitment and scheduling problem which optimizes the DC or AC power flow problem subject to physical constraints and detailed equipment performance curves.