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Workshop / Seminar

How to Network When You Hate Networking: A PDI and Physics & Astronomy Department Collaborative Event

Compton Union Building
Offered in Butch's Den, CUB L60 and Via Zoom
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About the event

This In-person and Zoom event is free for graduate and undergraduate students, as well as faculty and staff!

Many people hate networking. They hate it because they don’t enjoy making small talk just to get someone’s business card or a LinkedIn connection. They hate it because it seems cheap and transactional. They hate it because they tried going to a couple of ‘networking events,’ and it just seemed like a waste of time. If you can relate to any of these comments about networking, during his event, How to Network When You Hate Networking, Dr. David Giltner will assure you that these issues are all based on common ideas about networking that are just wrong. This seminar will help you see a much more positive view of connecting with people for the purpose of advancing your career and will give you some techniques for building your professional network that even introverts can do well. This webinar will teach the participants the following:

  1. Why networking is so important for building a professional career
  2. Creative ways to meet people who share their career interests and goals
  3. Six steps that even introverts can use to build a valuable professional network


Professional Development Initiative