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JCDREAM Symposium: Electric fuels, battery technology & materials science education

WSU Everett, 915 N. Broadway, Everett, WA 98201 View location in Google Maps
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About the event


JCDREAM tackles issues that threaten the sustainability of the world’s ecosystem. This year’s Symposium has the potential to create visible changes in Washington state policies, as well as making positive impacts on a national and global scale. Join us for a day of exploration as some of our region’s most distinguished scientific minds come together to discuss and develop innovative solutions to the critical materials issues faced by clean energy and transportation sectors in the state.

Session Details

Materials Science Education

With heavy industry, manufacturing, fabrication, and design occupying a large part of Washington’s economy, it is necessary to focus on our future workforce. By designing course modules in Materials Science for high schools and community colleges, we can ensure that Washington’s industrial future is cleaner and more earth-abundant.

Low-Carbon & Electric Fuels

The shift toward electrification is well underway in the passenger vehicle sector. Unfortunately, battery electric vehicle technology may never be fully viable for use in heavy trucking, marine, or aviation applications. Low carbon electric fuels will be necessary in the energy transformation happening worldwide, and Washington is already a hotbed for research on the topic.

Battery Technology & Electrification

The battery needs of heavy trucking, marine, aviation, and grid-scale energy differ from existing technologies. These sectors play a large role in Washington’s economy, and exploration of battery technologies that fit their needs is crucial to their success.