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Lower Granite Dam Tour

About the event

Student’s will visit the Lower Granite Dam. There is no cost to attend. Student’s will be provided with transportation for the tour.

Majors: CE, ConstEngr, EE, ME, CM

If you are an international student, please visit Dana 138 with a copy of your passport. A background check will be conducted for this site visit for all attendees.

This congressionally authorized project consists of Lower Granite Dam, navigation lock, powerhouse, a fish ladder and associated facilities. The project provides hydroelectric generation, navigation, recreation and incidental irrigation. The dam, located at the upstream end of Lake Bryan, is about 3,200 feet long with an effective height of 100 feet. The dam is a concrete gravity type, with an earthfill right abutment embankment. It includes a navigation lock with clear dimensions of 86 by 674 feet; and an eight-bay spillway that is 512 feet long, with eight 50-foot by 60.5-foot radial gates.

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