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Mohammad Ostadijafari – Preliminary Exam

About the event

Advisor:  Dr. Anamika Dubey

Degree:  Ph.D. Electrical & Computer Engineering

My proposal aims at conducting the several correlated research on leveraging the available flexibility in the power distribution system by allowing the active participation of proactive consumers in the wholesale market. First, a price-sensitive framework for scheduling buildings’ energy is proposed. This framework is based on Economic Model Predictive Controller (EMPC), which optimizes the net cost of energy usage by the buildings’ flexible loads i.e. HVAC systems while satisfying the comfort-level of buildings’ occupants. We expand our studies by utilizing novel nonlinear and linearized building thermal load models for the controller. Also, a robust version of the EMPC controller is introduced. Then, we propose an approach for Load-Serving Entities (LSEs) to actively participate and bids in the wholesale market by aggregating DR resources while incorporating the uncertainty in wholesale market clearing price and considering operational constraints of the distribution systems. This approach can capture the demand-side flexibility, and provides optimal economic bids for the LSE by scheduling DR resources. I have been coauthor of 11 conference/journal papers in this area since I have attended Washington State University. Currently, my current research interests include energy management in smart buildings, power market, and applications of the control theory in power systems.