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Palouse French Film Festival

About the event

Join us for the second film of the Palouse French Film Festival organized and sponsored by WSU Department of Foreign Languages & Cultures and the UI Department of Modern Languages & Cultures.

La tĂȘte haute / Standing Tall by Emmanuelle Bercot (in French with English subtitles)
Drama – 120 min. (2015)

In this documentary-like film, we follow the painful path of Malony, a violent and troubled youth, through the French judicial system. A judge in juvenile court, admirably played by Catherine Deneuve, is assigned to his case and soon becomes conflicted between the stern role required by her profession and the compassion she feels for this young man. Over the years, Malony, faced with incredible odds (an incapable single mother, poverty, lack of education, violent temper, petty crimes), is able to overcome, as loving relationships manage to appease his anger and feeling of rejection.

$5 per film or $10 pass – Free to students