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Seminar: Improving Learning Environments: How should we think about them? Where do we begin?

Bustad Hall
The seminar is ADBF 1002
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About the event

This seminar “Improving Learning Environment: How should we think about them? Where do we begin?” is part of a one and half day symposium on improving learning environments in the health professions.  To learn more about the symposium’s schedule, please check out our website.

For this seminar:

Learning environment refers to the social interactions, organizational culture and structures, and physical and virtual spaces that surround and shape the learners’ experiences, perceptions and learning.

Participants will be able to:

  • Identify the key components of learning environments
  • Describe evidence-based strategies used to improve the learning environment
  • Articulate future directions for scholarship and practice to improve learning environments in the health profession

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