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US Air Force Officer opportunities in Engineer Info Session

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About the event

US Air Force Officer Recruiter Information Session will discuss what Air Force positions are available, qualification requirements, and Q&A from recruiting team. What types of careers are available as an Air Force Officer? As an Air Force Officer, your primary function is leadership and management for those who are working for you. This unique function makes you a versatile member of the Air Force team. Keep in mind that not every career field is open to every person who applies. Some fields require special educational requirements. Technical – These careers are open to those individuals who have college degrees in the following fields: (All Engineering) Aeronautical, Astronautical, Aerospace, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Chemical, Environmental, Industrial, Software, Computers and others. There are also opportunities for people who have an education in Meteorology/Weather, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Most STEM degrees qualify for Technical career fields. This is an excellent opportunity to expand your knowledge base in a challenging work environment and network with industry leaders. Your primary focus would be on research, development, testing, and acquisition of the latest and greatest high tech advancements.


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