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Workshop / Seminar

Who is in Your Classroom?

Animal Disease Biotech Facility (ADBF), 1855 E GRIMES WAY, Pullman, WA 99164
Room 2018/2020
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About the event

College of Veterinary Medicine Teaching Academy


Join our summer toolkit series as we delve into essential strategies for identifying classroom diversity and individual student needs. Through interactive discussions and real-life case studies, participants will gain insights into recognizing diverse student types and develop plans to address their unique requirements, ensuring an inclusive and supportive learning environment for all.

Presenters: Tuesday Inclusive Learning Community Members

  • Jeffrey Abbott – Associate Chair, DVM Education; Associate Professor, Veterinary Microbiology & Pathology
  • Jessica Bunch – Associate Professor, Integrative Veterinary Medicine
  • Tania Perez – Assistant Professor, Anesthesiology
  • Mara Varvil – Assistant Professor, Clinical Pathology
  • Jillian Haines – Associate Professor, Small Animal Internal Medicine
  • Jeffrey Olivarez – Assistant Professor, Agricultural Animal


Rachel Halsey