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Monday, September 18 @1 pm
Community Summit: Referring Students to State and Local Resources

Join us for a community summit dedicated to sharing state and local resources that provide critical and innovative support to WSU students. This two-hour webinar will provide an overview of the resources available in the Pullman area and how students can access those services.

Monday, September 18 @2:30 pm
COACHE Listening Session – WSU Spokane
Spokane Academic Center - WSU Spokane

The discussion will focus on the results of the survey and include a dedicated question-and-answer session. The meeting will be recorded and available on our website following the event.

Tuesday, September 19 @12:10 pm
School of Molecular Biosciences Graduate Student Seminars
Workshop / Seminar
Biotechnology Life Sciences

“Left1 Overexpression Maintains Youthfulness of Two Distinct Fibroblast Lineages,” presented by Jasson Makker. Advisor: Dr. Jon Oatley.
“Manipulation of TNFα Signaling by Coxiella burnetii,” presented by Chelsea Osbron. Advisor: Dr. Alan Goodman.

Tuesday, September 19 @12:10 pm
Overview of the Access Center & Student Accommodations
Workshop / Seminar
Animal Disease Biotech Facility (ADBF)

Understanding the process can be very helpful to instructors and help ensure that accommodations are reasonable and appropriate, which is in everyone’s best interest.

Tuesday, September 19 @6 pm
Conducting Independent Research as a Global Campus Student
WSU System-wide

Hear from the Director of the Office of Undergraduate Research (Dr. Jeremy Lessmann) and the Director of the Online Psychology Degree Program (Dr. Lee Daffin) who ALSO mentors Global campus undergraduates in research.

Wednesday, September 20 @1:30 pm
COACHE Listening Session – WSU Tri-Cities
East Building - WSU Tri-Cities

Laura Hill (Senior Vice Provost), Doug Call (Incoming Senior Vice Provost), and Catherine Cooper (Associate Dean for Faculty, College of Arts and Sciences) will be hosting listening sessions on all campuses to discuss the COACHE Faculty Satisfaction Survey. The discussion will focus on the results of the survey and include a dedicated question-and-answer session.

Wednesday, September 20 @5 pm
Virtual Talk: Keller Easterling | Medium Design

Medium Design inverts the typical focus on object over field, to work on the medium—the matrix space between objects, events and ideological declarations. And it disrupts some habitual modern approaches to the world’s intractable dilemmas—from climate cataclysm to inequality to concentrations of authoritarian power

Thursday, September 21 @12:10 pm
School of Molecular Biosciences Faculty Seminar Series
Workshop / Seminar
Biotechnology Life Sciences

“Leveraging Model Organism Genetics to Inform New Neurotherapeutics Approaches,” presented by Dr. Ramakrishna Kommagani, Baylor College of Medicine, Host. Dr. Kanako Hayashi.

Thursday, September 21 @5 pm
Researching Remotely: Using the WSU Libraries as a Global Campus Student
WSU System-wide

Join Online Learning Librarian, Jen Saulnier Lange, to learn about how you can use the WSU Libraries to do research for SURCA, what services the WSU Libraries provide to Global Campus students, and how to find subject-specific resources to carry out your research.

Friday, September 22 @9 am
WSU Pullman Town Hall – Virtual

In addition to exciting updates about the WSU system, this town hall will provide a unique opportunity for the WSU community to engage in Q&A with WSU’s leadership. WSU Pullman students, faculty, and staff, along with Extension and system-level employees, are encouraged to submit their questions in advance.

Tuesday, September 26 @5 pm
Micron Info Session for Engineers at Washington State University
Careers / Jobs

Our vision is to transform how the world uses information to enrich life for all. Join an inclusive team passionate about one thing: using their expertise in the relentless pursuit of innovation for customers and partners. The solutions we build help make everything from virtual reality experiences to breakthroughs in neural networks possible. We do it all while committing to integrity, sustainability, and giving back to our communities. Because doing so can fuel the very innovation we are pursuing.
Micron is the 4th largest semiconductor company in the world, and the only memory manufacturer in the United States, and we are headquartered right here in Boise, Idaho. We are looking to grow the next generation of talented engineers. Please come to our event to learn more.

Thursday, September 28 @1:30 pm
Making headlines: promoting research in the media

Not all studies work well in the media, but some novel, impactful research can make big headlines, bringing important findings to a wide audience – if they’re presented in an accessible way. Join WSU Science Writer Sara Zaske for a short presentation on press releases followed by a Q&A discussion with a panel of journalists whose work has appeared in the Washington Post, NBC News, Geekwire, Science Friday, and the New Scientist, among other outlets.

Friday, September 29 @12:10 pm
Integrative Physiology and Neuroscience Seminar Series
Workshop / Seminar
Veterinary and Biomedical Research Building

“Sex-Specific Adaptation of the Ventral Tegmental Area to Subchronic Stress,” presented by Abigail Polter, George Washington University.