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Monday, April 12 @12:30 pm
Yunshu Du – Doctoral defense

While capable of achieving state-of-the-art performance in complex sequential tasks, deep reinforcement learning (deep RL) remains extremely data inefficient and slow to train.

Tuesday, April 13 @3 pm
David Petrizze – Thesis Defense

Thesis Title: A Hypothesis Testing Approach to Low-Overhead Trajectory-Based Classification of Aerial Intruders

Friday, April 23 @12 pm
Alireza Ghods – Preliminary Exam
WSU Pullman - Online

We are at a turning point to address the unprecedented challenges we are facing in healthcare systems.

Friday, April 23 @1 pm
Armina Foroutan – Doctoral Final Exam
WSU Pullman - Online

Planning and operation of power grid highly depends on the analytical studies using models accurately representing the electric assets in the field. Model validation and calibration of generating units are important to ensure the compliance of the models with the actual behavior of the generating assets.