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Thursday, August 24 @10:30 am
School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering Seminar Series: Laboratory Safety
WSU Pullman - Engineering Teaching Research Laboratory (ETRL)

Laboratory Safety: Creating and Maintaining an Effective Lab Safety Program

Presented by Tom Ebeling, WSU, Environmental Health & Safety Department, Industrial Hygienist Abstract This presentation will cover fundamental components of an effective laboratory safety program for WSU laboratories, including hazard assessment and levels of hazard control, chemical and…

Wednesday, August 30 @12:30 pm
Glass Comes Alive in Pullman
WSU Pullman - Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art

Explore the many facets of glass with Glass Comes Alive in Pullman. This free one-day event consists of public talks about ancient and contemporary glass and glass-making, followed by a demonstration given by glassblowers from the Museum of Glass Mobile Hot Shop, Tacoma. Helping students broaden their perspective concerning modern technology by looking to the past, both events are free and open to the public.