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Tuesday, August 8 @8:30 am
Research Symposium in Honor of JM Krueger’s Research
Conference / Symposium
WSU Pullman - Veterinary and Biomedical Research Building

Join us in celebrating Dr. James Krueger’s distinguished contributions to sleep science, inflammation, infection, and their intersections. The full-day symposium will feature talks by 13 leading scientists from across the country, including Dr. Éva Szentirmai from WSU, Dr. Gina Poe from UCLA, and Dr. Mark Opp from the University of Colorado-Boulder.

Tuesday, August 15 @9 am
NRT-LEAD Kickoff Event
WSU Pullman - Engineering Teaching Research Laboratory (ETRL)

This kickoff event will highlight the new NSF-funded graduate training program at WSU on Next Generation Robotics. Funding opportunities for graduate students through this multidisciplinary graduate training program will be discussed. Light refreshments will be provided.

Thursday, August 31 @3:30 pm
Tick immunity vs. pathogen persistence: the molecular tug of war that shapes vector competence
Workshop / Seminar
WSU Pullman - Bustad Hall

The Advances in Immunology & Microbiology seminar series is a weekly forum that brings together scientists from diverse fields and disciplines across the College of Veterinary Medicine to discuss research advances in the broad areas of immunology, microbiology, infectious diseases, and global health.