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1:10 pm
Special Speaker-Sudip Shekhar
WSU Pullman - Engineering Teaching Research Laboratory

Our insatiable demand for data has led to a rapid growth of datacenters. This has resulted in a need to compute, switch and route massive amount of data within servers, racks of servers within a datacenter, and between geographically co-located datacenters up to a hundred km.

4 pm
Hardship to Homeland author Richard Scheuerman at WSU Terrell Library Atrium
WSU Pullman - Terrell Library Atrium

Richard Scheuerman, Washington State University (WSU) alumnus and WSU Press co-author of Hardship to Homeland: Pacific Northwest Volga Germans was raised on a small farm between the rural Palouse communities of Endicott and St. John, Washington, giving him a personal connection to the region’s Volga Germans.