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3 pm
SLCR Lecture Series

The School of Languages, Cultures, and Race (SLCR) developed this lecture series seeking to connect faculty in SLCR with faculty in other academic units at WSU who are doing research on similar topics but from their respective disciplines in order to highlight scholarly connections and research convergences.

3 pm
AER/I Chemistry Doctoral Final Defense with Chelsie Beck

Molecular iodine [I2] is one volatile species of iodine that is released in the event of a nuclear accident. The release of radioiodine poses a concern to public health due to potential bioaccumulation of iodine from food and other sources.

4 pm
Physical Chemistry Seminar with Truong-Son Nguyen
Workshop / Seminar
WSU Pullman - Online

The Feller-Peterson-Dixon (FPD) method is a flexible composite approach that can be adapted to determine energetic properties such as ionization potentials (IPs) and electron affinities (EAs), among others.

5:10 pm
Student Recital: Ryan Williamson, tuba
Bryan Hall


The Senior Tuba Recital for Ryan Williamson will be in Bryan Hall Theatre on Friday, March 26th at 5:10 P.M. There will be limited seating available as well as a live stream through the WSU School of Music Youtube page.