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9 am
Conquering Canvas: Sharing experiences using our most recent new LMS
Workshop / Seminar

College of Veterinary Medicine Teaching Academy: Teaching Tool Kit Series “Conquering Canvas: Sharing experiences using our most recent new LMS,” presented by Dr. John Wenz, who has found a way to use Canvas for integrating information, engaging students, and providing feedback.

10 am
EECS Colloquium: Compiler directed resilience techniques for HPC applications — Dr. Chao Chen, Staff Researcher, CoCoPie
Online - Online

Transient faults are becoming a significant concern for emerging extreme-scale high performance computing (HPC) systems. This nascent problem is exacerbated by technology trends toward smaller transistor size, higher circuit density and the use of near-threshold voltage techniques to save power. They could corrupt the execution of long-running scientific applications by leading to either SDCs (incorrect values in outputs) or soft failures (abnormal termination, e.g., process crashes).