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A roadmap to achieving goals: How to get there from here


About the event

Do you have a big goal or dream that you’ve been putting off for a long time? Do you feel bored with what you are doing in life, but you never do anything to improve the situation. Or do you feel frustrated and out of balance, like you are neglecting important parts of your life? Come to this interactive workshop led by Evelina Solis to learn how to develop a positive attitude and behavioral goals that will allow you to overcome limitations and roadblocks that have previously held you back in life.

Driven by our commitment to support student engagement and serve as a launchpad for highly impact practices, the Office of Academic Engagement has been working with various community partners and professional staff outside of the university to provide students with workshops to complement their learning and support them during these trying times.  These workshops will be delivered via ZOOM.  Once registered, we will email the information on how to connect prior to the events.