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“Adventures in Disruption: Inventing the First 3D Printer” w/ Scott Crump

Engineering Teaching Research Laboratory (ETRL), Pullman, WA
Room 101
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About the event

Dive into the world of innovation with inventor and entrepreneur Scott Crump as he shares his insights on “Adventures in Disruption: Inventing the First 3D Printer” on Friday, February 2, at 1:10 PM in ETRL room 101.

A distinguished WSU mechanical engineering alumnus, inventor, and entrepreneur, Crump is the visionary mind behind Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Technology and the trailblazer behind the first 3D printer with FDM.

Co-founder of Stratasys, a leading company in 3D printing systems, Crump’s groundbreaking invention transformed manufacturing, enabling the creation of intricate parts and prototypes through a revolutionary layer-by-layer approach.

Scott is holding up 3D Printed samples
Inventor Scott Crump will speak on the WSU Pullman campus on Friday, Feb. 2.