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AGI Power Seminar: Investigating the Role of Hydropower and the Electric Grid

Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Building
EME 26 ~ ESIC Conference Room TEAMS Link

About the event

Advanced Grid Institute (AGI) presents Investigating the Role of Hydropower and the Electric Grid by Ms. Alison Colotelo, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory


Hydropower is one of our oldest and largest renewable energy sources, currently accounting for nearly 30% of the total US renewable energy generation. In addition to energy services, hydropower plays a critical role in stabilizing the grid, which will become even more important as more renewable energy resources come online. This presentation will highlight PNNL’s Hydro + Grid research that is working to better understand hydropower’s role in our energy systems now and in the future by leveraging expertise in power systems modeling, hydrologic system science, and hydropower operations.


Alison currently serves as the PNNL Hydropower Program lead, supporting multi-disciplinary teams engaged in endeavors for the DOE Water Power Technologies Office and the US Army Corps of Engineers. Her professional experience includes over 14 years of basic and applied research on the effects of human development on the environment, as well as project management. She is energized by making connections, solving problems, fostering collaboration, and learning from her colleagues. In addition to Alison’s technical work, she enjoys sharing her passion for science with the community through visits to local schools and participation in other scientific outreach activities.