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AGI SP23 Power Seminar Series: Attack Graph Driven Cyber-Physical System (CPS) Resilience Assessment

Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Building
EME 26 - ESIC Conference Room

About the event

Advanced Grid Institute presents “Attack Graph Driven Cyber-Physical System (CPS) Resilience Assessment” by Dr. Sumit Purohit, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory


Resilience assessment of cyber-physical energy systems (CPESs), such as the electric power grid, is a critical operation to maintain availability, reliability, and quality of service in the presence of persistent threats from malicious cyber actors. This talk will present Hybrid Attack Graph (HAG), to provide a flexible and efficient approach to generating attack sequences for the CPSs. Real-world attack scenarios will be discussed to highlight simulation-driven, graph-based approaches for CPS resiliency experimentations.


Dr. Sumit Purohit is a Senior Data Scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), Physical and Computational Science Directorate. His research work focuses on scalable graph algorithms, temporal graph analytics, knowledge graphs, and geometric deep learning. He is the Principal Investigator for a research project that explores hybrid attack graphs (HAGs) for a cyber-physical system to support resilience assessment experimentations.