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Beyond Managing Tasks: The Invisible Elements That Will Make Your Projects Successful


About the event

Projects take longer than estimated. Thus, there is pressure to finish them on time. If we start working on projects late, there’s little chance we’ll finish them on time. So, we get started as soon as we can. Which means we work on more projects in parallel. That immediately leads to more pressure to multitask between them. The more we multitask the longer it takes to finish each project. So, projects take longer then estimated…

The Reality of projects.


Does it have to be?

Is there a way to consistently finish projects on time, within budget and without compromising on the scope?

Join guest speaker Dr. Efrat Goldratt- Ashlag as she discusses the TOC approach to managing projects.

About the speaker:

Dr. Efrat Goldratt-Ashlag, author of Goldratt’s Rules of Flow, the introduction of the Theory of Constraints (TOC) approach to managing projects. Co-author with her father, Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt, of his life philosophy book The Choice. Efrat holds a PhD. in Organizational Psychology and specializes in developing training materials to enable personal and organizational growth.


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