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Boeing Speaker Series – Toward a Future With No Surprises

Todd Hall
Todd 307
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About the event

Operating an airline is an extremely complex undertaking and faces constant uncertainty. In order to successfully dispatch hundreds of aircraft, schedule thousands of air crew, operate up to one hundred thousand flights per month, and transport tens of millions of passengers per year, detailed planning and near-flawless execution are critical. Unfortunately, executing to plan isn’t easy as small to large unforeseen issues occur moment-to-moment every day; from a pilot calling in sick to an airplane with a maintenance issue or a network disruption due to an incoming snow storm.

Obtaining a glimpse into the future, gaining more time to make data driven decisions, is a clear advantage to any operation of this day-to-day complexity. We believe analytics can deliver the advantage – a peek into what may occur. This will provide airlines with more time to adjust and manage to situations rather than react to them. We envision an analytics empowered future; where the aviation industry rarely experiences unplanned or unforeseen events and where it has attained significant improvements in efficiency, economy, performance and safety. He will give examples on how analytics tools, methods, and applications are already realizing this future vision.