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CIPHERS Interprofessional Visiting Professor Series

About the event

The Sciences of Learning: State of the Art

Presented by:
David A. Hirsh, MD, FACP Director, Harvard Medical School (HMS) Academy Medical Education Fellowship Co-founder and Director, HMS’ Cambridge Integrated Clerkship


In this metacognitive romp, the speaker will teach empirically-derived educational science engaging the audience using that very educational science—it is “a play within a play” to generate learning and retention about learning and retention.

In more than a century since the Flexner report, the fields that comprise “the sciences of learning” (education, neurobiology of learning, social and cognitive psychology, among others) have advanced greatly. Despite this progress, medical education has been slow to translate these empirically-derived sciences to our educational models, structures, and practices.

In this session, we will actively engage six empirically-derived sciences of learning using these sciences of learning. My hope is that education leaders, classroom teachers, clinical educators, and learners will value and benefit from these approaches and be better able to serve our future learners, patients, and communities thereby.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this session, participants will be able to:

  1. Define and discuss the empirically-derived sciences of learning;
  2. Practice the sciences of learning metacognitively within the session itself;
  3. Translate the sciences of learning into medical education and support others to use (and enjoy) these approaches.


Jennifer Anderson