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Workshop / Seminar

CySER Virtual Seminar – Securing our Critical Infrastructure – Who is CISA and how can we help?

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About the event

Daniel Brown

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is the newest federal agency. We partner with both the private sector and other Federal agencies to secure critical infrastructure. During this seminar, we will discuss those relationships, the current threat landscape, and pathways for federal employment.


Daniel is a Cybersecurity Advisor for CISA region 10 (WA). He is a cybersecurity professional with experience working for city, county, and state organizations. He has also worked extensively in Higher Education, including 17 years at WSU. His work in the public sector has allowed him to understand that services need to be provided, even when budgets are challenging. His current position at CISA allows him to focus these experiences to provide no-cost services to support the 16 sectors of critical infrastructure.

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