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Effective Supervision and Mentoring Practices in Context: Finding a Best Fit

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About the event

The guidebook ‘Eleven Practices of Effective Postgraduate Research Supervisors’ was prepared by Richard James and Gabrielle Baldwin for use in professional development programs for faculty of the University of Melbourne. The goal was to boost the quality of the experience for graduate researchers and to improve higher degree completion rates and times. At the heart of the guide are a set of principles for effective supervisor-supervisee (o adviser-advisee) relationships. While focused squarely on the supervision of graduate students, the guidebook may have wider applicability for supervision and mentoring in other academic contexts.

The workshop following Dr. Richard James’ talk will compare the Eleven Practices with the Educational Alliance (Telio) model and give participants an opportunity to identify and discuss which model and practices might be best applied to their own mentoring/mentee goals.


Jennifer Carlene Anderson