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ESIC-AGI FA22 Power Seminar Series: Converting Research Ideas into Deployable Technologies – A Holistic View

Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Building
Room EME26 - ESIC Conference Room

About the event

Energy Systems Innovation Center & Advanced Grid Institute present “Converting Research Ideas into Deployable Technologies – A Holistic View” by Dr. Sanjeev Pannala, ESIC/WSU

The power distribution system is undergoing a significant transformation to embrace the dispersed and diversified distributed energy resources (DERs) to meet the clean energy goals. The distribution system is experiencing unprecedented scenarios to supply reliable and affordable electrical power supply to all the customers with and without DERs. The power industry is actively looking at Tools and Technologies that are readily adoptable and deployable to mitigate the issues from unforeseen operating conditions. Research outcomes considering the different practical problems taking operation, control, and planning perspectives from power, control, and cyber domains as integrated problems play a vital role in the ongoing power industry revolution. This talk focuses on integrated tools and frameworks developed from different projects to address various cross-cutting research problems that demand the introspection of single objective-oriented research.

Dr. Sanjeev Pannala is working as an Assistant Research Professor with Energy System Innovation Center, Washington State University, Pullman. His research interests include distribution system resiliency, data-driven algorithms, ADMS, Integration of Microgrids and DERs, and Real-time studies. He worked on the India-UK HEAPD project from October 2014-January 2018 to earn his PhD at the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee (IITR), India. Later, he joined as a research associate (RA) under the UIASSIST Project at the IITR, India, from Feb 2018-May2019. He received the Doctoral POSOCO Power System Award in 2020 for contributions during his PhD, the best paper award at IEEE National Conference ICAER, India in 2013, and a runner-up certificate for the “RT-RMS tool ” in the resilience week conference competition 2020.