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Workshop / Seminar

Faculty-Led Workshop: Mindfulness Made Simple (Part II)

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About the event

Finding it difficult to be positive? 

Based on science and reason, there are simple methods we will teach you, that have been proven to increase one’s capacity to create happiness and decrease suffering.

In part two of this two part experience, we will assess the effectiveness of the mindfulness-based practices that you learned in the previous session.

Missed part one? No worries! Join us and we will gladly provide you the opportunity to discover and take part in mindfulness-based practices that promote greater connection!


Robin S. Bond, PhD
Washington State University
Honors College Assistant Dean

Trymaine Gaither
Washington State University
Honors College Recruitment and Career Coordinator/MESI Coordinator

You can retrieve the Faculty-Led Workshop zoom link by copying and pasting the following link:

We look forward to seeing you there!

The Learning Innovations Team

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