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Workshop / Seminar

MME Seminar: Advanced power electronics and electric machines – Thermal, electro-thermal and reliability research

About the event

Presented by Sreekant Narumanchi, Manager of Advanced Power Electronics and Electric Machines Group, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Reducing footprint, cost and increasing reliability of power electronics and electric machines is essential to increase the penetration of these components on multiple vehicle platforms, as well as increase the market penetration of electric-drive vehicles.  Effective thermal management is critical to improving the performance and ensuring the reliability of electric-drive vehicles. Efficient heat removal makes higher power densities possible, and in turn enables cost and size reductions. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), along with university, research and industry partners is working to develop cost-effective thermal management solutions to increase device and component power densities. In this presentation, the activities in recent years related to electro-thermal, thermal, thermo-mechanical and reliability aspects of (electric-drive) power electronics and electric machines will be presented.


Amanda Wagar