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Workshop / Seminar

MME Seminar: Simultaneous multiscale design and fabrication of material and structure

About the event

Dr. Narasimha Boddetti, Assistant Professor, School of Mechanical  and Materials Engineering WSU Pullman

Material and structure have been traditionally treated independently in the design of structures. However, natural structures such as bone, wood, and nacre meld the concepts of material and structure with their spatially varying microstructures giving them superior fracture and impact strength. We can emulate this by integrating multiscale design and fabrication processes into a digital thread that unlocks new design freedom where the designer is no longer bound by the choice of material and geometry. We demonstrate and validate such workflows instantiated in the context of fiber-based composites and additive manufacturing. Our workflow proceeds through three key processes: 1) Design automation – conception and automation of a design problem based on multiscale topology optimization, 2) Material compilation – computational geometry algorithms that physically realize the spatially variable microstructure, and 3) Digital fabrication – additive manufacture of multiscale optimal components.