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Workshop / Seminar

Murrow Minds Special Event: “Communication Science and Biology: A growing paradigm for Communication Research” Open Forum with Dr. Kory Floyd, University of Arizona

Photo by Michael Chansley

About the event

This session features a moderated conversation with Dr. Kory Floyd, a leading pioneer in Communication Science and Biology. Murrow Media Mind Lab Co-Director, Dr. Paul Bolls will host and moderate this session. Attendees will gain an understanding of the history of the Communication Science and Biology paradigm along with the theoretical grounding and unique methods used. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and participate in this scientific conversation.

Dr. Kory Floyd Biography

Dr. Kory Floyd is a professor of communication with a joint appointment in psychology at the University of Arizona. Dr. Floyd is one of the leading pioneers integrating Communication Science and Biology to investigate communication processes and effects. He co-edited the “Handbook of Communication Science and Biology” and “Biological Dimensions of Communication,” the two leading texts in this research approach.

His own research focuses on the communication of affection in close relationships and its effects on stress and physiological functioning. He has written 16 books and over 100 scientific papers and book chapters on the topics of affection, emotion, family communication, nonverbal behavior, and health. He is a Fellow of the International Communication Association. His work has been recognized with the Charles H. Woolbert award, the Bernard J. Brommel award, and the Mark L. Knapp award from the National Communication Association, the Distinguished Scholar Award from the Western States Communication Association, and the Early Career Achievement award from the International Association for Relationship Research. His most recent book, The Loneliness Cure, examines the problem of affection deprivation and identifies strategies for increasing affection and intimacy in close relationships. Dr. Floyd teaches courses on health communication, emotional communication, close relationships, communication theory, and quantitative research methods.

A native of Seattle, Professor Floyd received his undergraduate degree from Western Washington University, a master’s degree from the University of Washington, a master’s degree from the College of William and Mary, and his PhD from the University of Arizona.


Paul Bolls