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Reading Introductions to Write Introductions


About the event

Introductions can feel like the most perplexing section of a research article to write. From what counts as relevant context to where to place an argument and how many citations to include, the first paragraphs require you to make many decisions to best prepare your readers for the rest of your paper. This workshop will lead you through one of the most effective ways to improve your writing: reading. Reading closely will illuminate for you the rhetorical moves and writing conventions that make the journal articles you admire so compelling. Specifically, this hands-on workshop will guide you through an in-depth examination of introduction(s) to demystify the “ingredients” of that crucial section, with the opportunity to ask questions of your peers across disciplines and of writing consultants. At the workshop’s conclusion, you will have an adaptable “recipe” for writing your own research article introduction(s).

Participants must come to the workshop with (at least) one published article they admire from a research journal relevant to their field.

This event is offered via Zoom.  A Zoom link will be provided one day before the event.


Professional Development Initiative