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Workshop / Seminar

School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering Seminar Series Presents, “Cadmium telluride and related semiconductor materials for room temperature radiation detection and solar cells” Presented by Dr. Santosh Swain

Engineering Teaching Research Laboratory (ETRL), Pullman, WA
Meet the speaker prior to the presentation starting at 10:30am in ETRL room 119 (light refreshments provided); presentation begins at 11:00am in ETRL room 101.
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About the event

Title Cadmium telluride and related semiconductor materials for room temperature radiation detection and solar cells

Presented by Dr. Santosh Swain, Research Assistant Professor, Institute of Materials Research, WSU

Cadmium telluride and its variant compounds possess unique combination of physical properties that allow them to be used as the highest energy resolution detectors for X-ray and gamma rays operating at room temperature and are available commercially in various medical instruments for homeland security, non-proliferation and medical imaging. Additionally, the tunable electrical properties and feasibility to produce these materials as microcrystalline films using fast deposition processes have also enabled CdTe based solar technology as one of the lowest cost photovoltaic technologies commercially available today. In this talk, ongoing research activities at the institute of materials research at WSU on these topics will be discussed. I will also discuss about the emerging new materials for high efficiency solar cells and radiation detection.

Santosh Swain, is a Research Assistant Professor at the Institute of Materials Research, WSU. His research has focused on perfecting single crystal growth and doping of CdTe/CdZnTe, and hallide compounds for radiation detection and photovoltaic application. Over the past decade working in academia and industry, he has contributed to the achievement of highest voltage in CdTe PV, best energy resolution CZT detector grown from melt, and developing processes for commercial scale production of halide perovskites for radiation detection.