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Workshop / Seminar

School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering Seminar Series, “Saving Fuel, Saving Lives and Saving Money at Daimler Truck” by Derek Rotz

Engineering Teaching Research Laboratory (ETRL), Pullman, WA
Meet the speaker before the seminar in ETRL 119 from 10:30am- 10:50am. Light refreshments will be served. Seminar presentation will begin at 11:00 am in ETRL 101.
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About the event

Presented by: Derek Rotz Director of Advance Engineering, Daimler Truck North America

Trucking is the lifeblood of the economy, transporting 70% of the goods across the country to your front door.  It is also an industry experiencing dramatic technological change, on a scale not seen since the invention of the automobile itself. Truck are transitioning from diesel driven powertrains to full electrification, automation is accelerating at a pace where self-driving trucks are within reach, and connected technologies are making strides to crack the productivity code.
Please join Derek Rotz, Director of Advance Engineering at Daimler Truck North America to learn more and ask questions about these exciting developments.  It’s an exciting time to be an engineer!

Derek Rotz serves as director of advanced engineering at Daimler Trucks North America where his main focus areas include research into vehicle efficiency, active safety and more recently zero-emission vehicles.  Prior to this he acted as principal investigator for SuperTruck, a Department of Energy R&D program to improve efficiency and led several company initiatives to save fuel.  Derek has a bachelors of Physics from the University of St. Thomas and earned a Masters of Business Administration at the University of Warwick.