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SP3NW StartUp Advisor Lunch & Learn: Hiring & Compensation Strategies for Startups

WSU Innovation Center - WSU Spokane, 120 N. Pine Street, Spokane, WA 99202 View location in Google Maps
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About the event

Associated Industries’ Chief Operating Officer and attorney, Nicole Tredow, will review hiring and compensation strategies for startups.

This presentation will provide a high level overview of ways Washington startups can attract and retain the best talent, even on a limited budget. Just starting out doesn’t mean you can’t attract or retain amazing talent, it just means employers need to think creatively and appeal to interests other than just financial interests of their applicants or employees. Employers also need to be aware of employment laws, and will want to start out their business with the right policies and practices to ensure long term success. We will discuss:

Key things every Washington Start up needs to know about hiring
  • What you can and can’t say in an interview
  • Employee vs. Independent contractor
  • How the hiring process has changed and ways to remain competitive other than just wages
What matters to applicants
  • Stock Options and Deferred Compensation
  • Ways to look for flexibility
HR and retention strategies
  • Management best practices
  • Key Policies for employers with fewer than 50 employees
  • Opportunities to retain talent

Speaker Bio:

Nicole Tedrow has been an influential presence at Associated Industries since 1999, significantly contributing to the organization’s growth and progress. As Chief Operating Officer, Nicole spearheads the operational dynamics, ensuring streamlined processes and strategic cohesion across different sectors. Before assuming her current role, Nicole held the position of Chief Legal Counsel, leveraging her insightful legal perspectives to mold the organization’s legal framework and guide decision-making.

Nicole’s academic accomplishments include graduating from Gonzaga University School of Law and Washington State University. She is licensed to practice law in both Washington and Idaho, showcasing her extensive grasp of legal nuances. Demonstrating her dedication to community involvement, Nicole actively engages on the Board of Directors for Mid-City Concerns. Her commitment extends further as she takes on influential roles on various boards, such as being the Board President of City View HOA (DBA City View Country Club) and contributing her expertise to Project Beauty Share and the Breakfast Forum.

Nicole’s multi-faceted contributions go beyond her roles, creating a significant impact that not only shapes Associated Industries but also amplifies positive change throughout the broader community.