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Working thru a Pandemic-A panel discussion with 2020 graduates

About the event

Talk with two WSU engineering graduates about their experiences as recent graduates, transitioning into the industry, entering the industry during the pandemic, and much more. This event will also hold a Q&A to allow attendees to ask the panelist questions.

A little bit about the panelists Lynn Aylesworth and Gayle Jordan.

Lynn graduated from WSU Everett in 2020 and began as an Electrical Engineer I at Crane Aerospace & Electronics in May of 2020. In her role she works on various electronics that go into aircrafts including proximity sensors, and power conditioning modules. In the fall she will be starting her Master’s in Electrical Engineering at UW.

Gayle graduated from WSU Everett in 2020 with a degree in Electrical Engineering and started with Honeywell Aerospace in Redmond in October 2020 as a Test Engineer. She is currently working on building the test systems for various products that are used in aerospace applications such as commercial aircraft radar and military grade accelerometers.


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