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Writing resumes and interviewing for federal engineering positions

Off Campus
Bremerton WSU Engineering Laboratory, Storm King room 104, Olympic College

About the event

Presented by Undersea Naval Warfare Center Division – Keyport engineers.

Dan Baker is a manager of electrical and computer engineers at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center in Keyport.  His team of engineers designs complex electronic components that are installed on Navy ships and aircraft.  Dan graduated from BYU in electrical engineering, and has worked at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Bangor Submarine Base before coming to Keyport.  He is passionate about working for the world’s greatest Navy and contributing to its success.

Jeremy Asmussen has been at Keyport for nine years, beginning his career as an electronics engineering intern and progressing his way to a supervisory role after a few short years.  He currently manages a group with Communications, Special Operations and Diver related projects.

Sara Ford is a 2018 graduate of the WSU-Bremerton Mechanical Engineering program.


This presentation is part of a semester-long seminar on the “soft”, but hard to learn, professional skills that are essential to a successful engineering career. The speakers are engineers and other members of Kitsap technology firms. Topics that will be covered in the seminar include project management, communication, ethics, process safety, divergent thinking, careers in large engineering firms, and working for global engineering firms.



Dr. Marvin Pitts
(360) 475-7543