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Monday, January 8 @5 pm
Week of Welcome – WSU Global Campus New Student Welcome Session
WSU Global Campus - Online

Join us for this engaging informational session geared towards first year Global Campus students. Learn about successfully making the transition to university, navigating your new community, and utilizing support when needed.

Thursday, January 11 @3:30 pm
Advances in Immunology and Microbiology Seminar Series: Michelle Massaquoi
WSU Pullman - Bustad Hall

“Cell-specific responses to microbiota play global roles in host development: How studying host-microbe interactions led to product ownership in spatial biology,” presented by Michelle S. Massaquoi, PhD; Scientist, ThermoFisher. Host: Arden Baylink, Assistant Professor, Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology

Tuesday, January 16 @10:30 am
Creative Writing & Mindfulness Workshop
WSU Pullman - Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art

As a part of the National Day of Racial Healing 2024, Cameron McGill, Colin Criss, and additional creative writing faculty will lead an ekphrastic writing workshop in response to current museum exhibitions.

Friday, January 19 @12:10 pm
Integrative Physiology and Neuroscience Seminar Series
Online - Veterinary and Biomedical Research Building

“Circadian Rhythms, Disease, and Chronotherapy,” presented by Yool Lee, Department of Translational Medicine and Physiology, WSU Spokane.

Friday, January 19 @12:10 pm
Peer Observation From All Sides
Online - Bustad Hall

College of Veterinary Medicine Teaching Academy seminar: Peer Observation From All Sides

Friday, January 26 @3:10 am
AER/I Seminar
WSU Pullman - Fulmer Hall

AER/I Seminar

Friday, January 26 @12:10 pm
Integrative Physiology and Neuroscience Seminar Series
WSU Pullman - Veterinary and Biomedical Research Building

“Molecular Genetic Approaches for Advancing Human Cellular Neuroscience,” presented by Dr. Jonathan Ting, associate investigator, Department of Human Cell Types, Allen Institute for Brain Science.