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AER/I Chemistry Seminar

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About the event

Melody Klein:  (Boncella Group)

Title: Utilizing Iron-Based Formic Acid Dehydrogenation Catalysts for Hydrogen Production

Abstract: Hydrogen (H2) is a promising energy carrier that has the potential to decrease the dependency for fossil fuels in the transportation industry. However, there are challenges with the production, storage, and transportation of H2. The traditional methods of gaseous H2 storage and transportation pose significant safety concerns and energy requirement drawbacks. An alternative to traditional storage and transportation methods is a liquid chemical hydrogen carrier, such as formic acid. However, the use of formic acid requires a catalyst that selectively accesses the reversible dehydrogenation decomposition pathway. The dehydrogenation pathway produces H2 and CO2, the former of which is used for fuel production and the latter of which can be stored and used to reform formic acid upon refueling. However, the irreversible dehydration pathway produces H2O and CO, the latter of which poisons the fuel cell catalyst and as well as destroying the liquid hydrogen carrier. This presentation will discuss recent developments of formic acid dehydrogenation catalysis using sustainable first-row transition metals, specifically Fe.

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