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Workshop / Seminar

AER/I Seminar

Fulmer Hall
Room 125
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About the event

Speaker: Sarah Farahani

Group: Dr. Bell

Title: Applications of 3D Printing Towards the Fabrication of Organ-On-Chips

Abstract:Organ-on-chips (OOC) are being utilized in various applications, particularly in drug discovery. They offer many advantages including simulation of any activities, mechanisms, and responses of different organs in vitro. In addition, they provide adjustable management of any nutrition-related organ supply and required microenvironmental-related modifications regarding biological and biomechanical characteristics like fluid flow, stress, and motion. 3D printing as an additive manufacturing technique, has emerged to be a transformative and high-demand technology due to its many advantages: flexibility in design, customization, versatility, and part optimizations. Combination of these two techniques enables a more streamlined method of fabricating complex and intricate organs/tissue structures with highly precise 3D cell-cell interactions, cell morphology, microenvironmental mimicry, cell viability, and the capability of building tissue-tissue interfaces and biomaterial compositions. In this context, three-dimensional (3D) bioprinting, as a powerful tool for tissue engineering, has emerged over the past few decades. Various techniques such as droplet-based, extrusion-based, and laser-assisted bioprinters have been developed to enhance the vital requirements for tissue engineering including resolution, cell viability, and cell density. These capabilities are essential in the world of biosensing and will enhance real time monitoring where incorporating highly sensitive and selective sensors into OOC devices is mandatory in the field of diagnostics.