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Workshop / Seminar

Chemistry PhD Proposal Defense – Dalton Glasco, Chemistry Graduate Student

Fulmer Hall
Fulmer 438
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About the event

Speaker: Dalton Glasco

Group: Prof. Jeffrey Bell

Title: Advanced Sensing Materials for Electrochemical-Based Diagnostics Using 3D Printing

Abstract: Sepsis is a very common disease globally that can lead to inflammation, organ failure, and death. The detection and monitoring of sepsis has been heavily investigated, but diagnostic testing requires advancements for utilization in underdeveloped areas without accessible healthcare. Herein, we discuss the utilization of 3D printing and electrochemical techniques to fabricate sensors and integrated devices for point-of-care (POC) diagnostics associated with sepsis. First, with the use of stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing and potentiometry, a generalized approach is proposed for the fabrication of calibration-free and condition-free 3D printed ion-selective electrodes. Secondly, a generalized fabrication protocol is proposed for 3D printed electrochemical biosensors utilizing functionalized ion-selective membranes and 3D printable molecularly imprinted polymers. Lastly, several prototypes of 3D printed POC devices are proposed with the integration of reliable and low-cost 3D printed electrochemical sensors for on-site detection and monitoring of sepsis. With the completion of these aims a multiplexed POC device will be realized. A diverse list of biomarkers will be studied to diagnose the onset of sepsis as well as organ function for patients with sepsis. Through this proposal, a versatile utilization of 3D printing is expressed to provide easy customization, functional material compatibility, and rapid fabrication with the ability to upscale production. Although these generalized approaches are focused on sepsis, easy translation to other diagnostic fields can be achieved.