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Workshop / Seminar

Chemistry Thesis Final Exam – Lillie Ho, Graduate Student

Fulmer Hall
room 225
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About the event

Speaker: Nguyen Lillie Ho

Group: Jeffrey Bell

Title: 3D Printing Technology in Low-cost Diagnostic Sensors for Neurological Disorder

Abstract: This research focuses on developing low-cost and reliable diagnostic tools for the detection and monitoring biomarkers and pharmaceuticals related to Parkinson’s disease. With an emphasis on the emerging manufacturing technology of 3D printing, this research describes the fabrication, optimization and use of 3D printed carbon-based electrodes and 3D printed ion-selective membranes (ISMs). Using 3D printing allows for the rapid fabrication of sensors that are inexpensive, selective, sensitive, and mass producible. This research will discuss results related to the detection of PD-related biomarkers and pharmaceuticals employing 3D printed electrodes.