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Workshop / Seminar

Department of Chemistry Seminar, 11/13/2023, 4:10, Fulmer Room 201

Fulmer Hall
Room 201
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About the event

Presenter: Prof. Skye Fortier, University of Texas El Paso

Host: Liane M. Moreau

Title: Molecules to Materials: Examining the Properties of Early Metal and Actinide Complexes

Abstract: In the Fortier laboratory, we conduct research on early-metals, f-elements, and late 3d metal complexes. In this talk, we will present our work on utilizing metal-arene interactions. This includes discussing the synthesis of highly reduced early-metal complexes and their ability to perform multielectron reactivity. We will also showcase the use of a novel terphenyl-based ligand to synthesize a series of early actinide complexes, including the first example of a structurally characterized plutonium metalloarene. Lastly, we’ll describe our efforts to employ molecular methods for the low-temperature synthesis of uranium oxide thin films.