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Workshop / Seminar

Department of Chemistry Seminar


About the event

Chemistry Department Seminar
Pete Reilly, Associate Chair of Chemistry for Graduate Programs, Department of Chemistry
Host: Kirk Peterson
Title: Developing Digital Waveform Mass Spectrometry

Abstract: Our development of digital waveform mass spectrometry evolved from our overarching goal to increase the working range of mass spectrometers so that large biomolecules and their complexes can be analyzed in low charge states.  Currently, sinusoidal waveform-based mass spectrometry is performed at constant frequency and directly varies the mass with voltage.  Because there is a limit to the voltage that can be applied, the mass range is limited.  Alternatively, digital waveform-based mass spectrometry operates at constant voltage with mass proportional to the inverse of the square of the frequency.  Here there is no mass limit because lower frequency waveforms are easier to generate.

The unlimited mass range provided the impetus for our work in developing digital waveform mass spectrometry.  However, when our group was formed at WSU in 2010, only square wave ion traps were in use and had limited application.  We recognized that digital operation allowed the use of rectangular waveforms and their application to linear ion guides, traps, and mass filters was game changing.  Digitally produced rectangular waveforms could be used to instantaneously change the mass range and the stability of the ions in the device.  The agility with which the waveforms could be changed allowed for development of new ways of manipulating ions at any value of m/z by taking advantage of stability and the differing rates of excitation.

This seminar chronicles our pioneering work in the field of digital waveform mass spectrometry in terms of the development of the theory, hardware, software, and methods.


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